Products and activities

Structured financing
Financing requiring several structured export and/or project financing techniques, with reimbursement generally covered by flows of foreign currency revenue generated by the customer`s normal business.

Buyers` credit
Financing of exports of capital goods granted to the importers (buyers). The exporters are paid as soon as the documents evidencing the related export are remitted to the Bank.

Suppliers` credit
Discounting of commercial receivables held by exporters within the framework of an export contract.

Export prefinancing
Credit granted to customers to facilitate their export business, notably at the manufacturing stage.

Documentary credit / standby letters of credit
Notification, issuance and confirmation of documentary credit or standby letters of credit and, as necessary, discounting of the documentary credit within the framework of trade.

Within the framework of international trade transactions generally involving a CIS entity, the issuance of guarantees, notably the restitution of deposits, perance or other bonds.

A Forfait financing
Buyback without recourse of commercial receivables drawn on an importer, which may have been endorsed by a bank.

Assignment of receivables
Discount of receivables based on French “Dailly Act” procedures.

Correspondent Banking
Proposal of services to all bank customers via a structured network established in CIS and non CIS countries.  Maintained, monitored commercial relationships with 220 banks, a hundred or so of which have accounts with the Bank.

Setting up of facilities in favour of Russian entities in association with partner international banks.

Terms and conditions
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