VTB Bank (France) SA

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VTB Bank (France)

Private Banking

Every story has a beginning

The VTB Bank’s story began in 1921 when a group of merchants from St. Petersburg founded a Comptoir Parisien de Banque et de Change in Paris which became the same year the Banque Commerciale pour l`Europe du Nord.

History’s turning point. New horizons

In 2005 the Bank becomes a member of the VTB Group consisting of more than 30 banks and financial companies being present in more than 20 countries. The VTB Group ranks No.2 on the Russian bank market based on all key indicators.

Russian origins, international presence

The VTB Group is international financial group with Russian origins.

VTB Bank (France) together with VTB Bank (Austria) and VTB Bank (Germany) is part of the European sub-holding of the VTB Group.

VTB Bank (France) is a French legal entity. The bank operates under the French legislation and is supervised by the European Central Bank, the Bank of France and local bank regulatory authorities.

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